The Culture Wars: Why Duck Dynasty Matters

Duck Dynasty

Love 'em or hate'em, Duck Dynasty matters. And here's why:

Phil Robertson's recent comments in GQ magazine regarding homosexuality are nothing novel.  His perspective is far from shocking, and is something that somebody who has never watched the show probably could have surmised.  The backlash against Robertson from GLADD was obviously feigned outrage designed to draw attention to the organization and its causes, and with it-- donations. A&E's initial response, to suspend Robertson from the show, while alarming to many, is something straight out of the recent media playbook. 

Robertson is one of many TV personalities whose off-the-cuff remarks has cost them a job.  Bill Maher, Juan Williams, Paula Deen, and Martin Bashir all know very well that in America, while we might have the freedom of speech, we are also free to suffer the repercussions of that speech.  None of us have the right to a TV show.  If we say something that our TV network (or employer) doesn't like, and it brings negative publicity to them so as to somehow harm the reputation and image of that network, which may ultimately harm the company financially, then it should be expected that the company will take actions needed to safeguard itself from such harm, including terminating their own superstars.

So is Phil Robertson just another person in a long line of TV personalities whose job gets eliminated as a matter of standard protocol due to politically incorrect speech, and companies looking to protect their own self-interest?  On the surface, it might appear that way.  But that's where you would be wrong.

According to the Christian perspective, we live in a fallen spiritual world dominated by wicked and dark spiritual forces that rule over the hearts and minds of men.  In contrast, most people regularly live their daily lives oblivious to such forces.  As once said, the Devil's greatest trick is convincing the world he doesn't exist.  As a result, people are blinded to these forces as they make their media playbooks on mitigating the fallout from receiving bad press.  This is no different than 2,000 years ago, when a certain Jewish carpenter named Jesus was nailed to a cross for his speech and actions.  Crucifixion was something Rome had become horrifyingly efficient at.  They had it down to a science, and did it as a matter of protocol. Jesus wasn't the first person to be crucified, and he certainly wasn't the last.  He hung in a long line of political enemies Rome crucified.  His death, in many ways to the natural observer, was simply "business as usual."  Yet, Biblically speaking, there was much more going on behind the scenes that meets the eye.

In the same manner, Phil Robertson's suspension appears on the surface to be simply business as usual. But I believe it is is only such to those who don't step back and see a bigger picture.  Behind the scenes there is a spiritual battle going on.  Phil Robertson's comments struck a certain spiritual chord, which triggered a response that caused the fallen spiritual powers that be to flex their muscles, and to lash out accordingly.  While the fallout against Robertson and his family is minimal in its ultimate impact, as they are all millionaires many times over, and stand to lose very little as a result of this mild persecution, I believe the response of many against Robertson is merely a foretaste of the greater wave of intolerance and hostility against Christianity that is growing in this country. And such hostility against Christians is spiritually motivated.

What we are really seeing in this controversy is a small glimpse into a not very distant future.  In a not too distant future, it will be very difficult thing to be a Christian in America.

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