Dear Governor Nikki Haley: Take the Confederate Flag Down!

Dear Governor Nikki Haley,

I understand something of the history behind the Confederate flag that is lifted above your state capitol.  There are many people who would like to see that flag continue to fly.  But in light of the tragedy that recently befell the citizens of your state at the historic AME Zion Church in Charleston, there are many more people who would like to see it come down.

I understand that flag is flying by means of state legislation that commands it to be lifted up every single day.  I also understand, we live in a republic, and are a nation of laws.  And, I understand as an elected official, you have sworn to uphold the laws of your state.  But, I also understand that sometimes there are things that are more important than laws.

Drastic times call for drastic measures.  I am calling upon you, as the Governor of the state of South Carolina, to bypass the political and legislative process required by your state, and to physically remove the flag from the capitol of South Carolina yourself.  Order its removal anywhere else it may fly in your state, and dare anybody to put it back up. Such may be illegal for you to do.  But as we have learned in the history of our nation, sometimes civil disobedience is a necessary action required of those who wish to break the chains of injustice.

Don't wait to legislate. Help fight the hate.  Take the rebel flag down.  Nobody in their right mind will oppose you.

God bless,


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