Let's Excommunicate Donald Trump from the Church!

My proposition is a very simple and straight forward one:  Christians everywhere need to excommunicate Donald Trump from the church. 

And instead of being seen in public praying with him, interviewing him, asking him to come speak at our schools, events, and talk shows... or otherwise courting Donald Trump in any way, shape or form, the church and its leaders need to publicly rebuke and shun Donald Trump.

With one voice, we need to let Donald Trump know in a very clear manner that he needs not call himself one of us, because he's not one of us.  We should not let Donald Trump in anyway pretend to be a Christian of any sorts. 

By playing make believe with Donald Trump, it not only makes him look like a fool, it makes us as the church look foolish for submitting ourselves to his nonsense, and worst of all, it brings reproach on the gospel and everything the church values and stands for.

And such would not only be good for our sake, but most importantly, for Donald Trump's sake, and the sake of his unsaved soul. 

Of course, we might be afraid to shun Trump. 

After all, if we shun Trump, who else might we consider shunning?

Where would it stop?  If Donald isn't a Christian, then who is, and who is not?

And if we kick him out, then what would we do with all the other serial adulterers and serial divorcees in the church?  What's would we do with our top-down, heavy handed, authoritarian leadership styles among our pastors?  What would we do with those who live lives full of excessive materialistic indulgence, and who think it's God's will for them to be loaded, and to live in large palaces?

Well, such might lead us to start asking some really hard questions and coming up with some pretty hard to swallow truths.  Truths we don't like.  Truths that bring into question where we stand with Jesus, and how much our lives align (or don't align) to the teachings of Christ. 

And such is why we as Christians in America continue to play church with Donald.  Because actually being the church might be too costly of a thing.  It would shake us up in ways we don't want to be shaken.

Donald Trump isn't a Christian.  Don't be afraid to say it.  He needs to hear it.  And most importantly, we need to hear it. 

I hereby excommunicate Donald Trump from the church of Jesus Christ.  I hope you'll join me.

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