How Should Christians Vote?

"I don't follow a donkey or an elephant, I follow the lamb." ~ Brian Zandh

As Christians, we should not allow ourselves to be held captive by any one political party.  No single party should be able to count on our vote in any given election season.

Being a Christian should not be synonymous for being a Republican, a Democrat, or any other party.  While political parties tend to form around certain ideologies, at the end of the day, we need to recognize that they ultimately don't exist to promote a certain platform as much as they exist to get their candidates into positions of power, and then maintaining that power once there.

That's why, for example, at the most recent Republican presidential debate in Detroit, all of the Republican nominees for president vowed to ultimately support Donald Trump as the Republican nominee for president, in spite of each candidates total disdain for Trump, and viewing him as something akin to the Abomination of Desolation.  Yes, even Marco Rubio, who has publicly called Donald Trump a fraud and a con-man, has vowed to support Donald Trump if he becomes the nominee.  Because at the end of the day, it's not about where one ultimately stands on the issues.

It's ALLLLLLLLL about the power.  

And to get an R or D in office is all that ultimately matters to whoever a party puts forward.  Ideals ultimately come in a distant second, and are fundamentally no different than the team that lost last year's World Series or Super Bowl-- easily forgotten and something of a distant dream.  Ideals are ultimately the bait that parties tend to dangle in front of voters in order to gain their support at the voting booth.  But once elected into office, those ideals tend to become less important. Almost all candidates want is you to vote straight R or D at the voting booth, every year, every time.  And the fact is, most people do.

Things have been this way for so long, I believe most Americans are conditioned by the political powers that be to vote this way, including Christians.

For example, I believe in my heart of hearts that if Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were to trade parties, all of a sudden tens of millions of Republicans would find themselves irrationally voting for Clinton as the next president of the United States, and vice versa.

You might scoff at such an idea because you really hate Hillary Clinton, or you really hate Donald Trump.  But you know what I'm saying is true.  You are just so captivated by the jersey the current candidates are wearing to admit it is so.

If you tend to vote Democrat, you know for a fact you wouldn't suddenly be voting for Hillary Clinton if she became a Republican.  And if Donald Trump suddenly became a Democrat (again), you wouldn't even consider voting for him.  But because Clinton is a Democrat or Trump is a Republican, suddenly you find both of them to be somebody you can support in the voting booth.

And you do such, because you've been conditioned to do nothing but care about voting for either the R or the D.  And if the two candidates switched parties, you wouldn't follow them.  Rather you, would probably do like you do most years, and go to the voting booth and irrationally pull the R or D lever.  Of course, you would claim you held your nose as you did, but there is no great moral victory in acting like somebody else's useful idiot.

And if you think this isn't true, I think there is a pretty good chance you are a Kool-Aid drinker who is so brainwashed into voting either R or D that you don't even know it.

Many of you, like Marco Rubio, totally disavow Donald Trump, and think he would be an awful president.  But because you are so brainwashed, you will end up voting for him come November, simply because he is the Republican candidate on the ballot.  And some of you might be Bernie Sanders supporters, but will find yourself voting for Hillary Clinton just the same.

Stop being such a tool.  Jesus didn't die on a cross and overcome the grave so you could continue to be manipulated by politicians. 

Both parties count on you mindlessly voting R or D  year after year, election after election.

That's why there is always a big push to have a large voter turn out every election season.  Because the powers that be know that people are going to pull the lever one way or the other every single time, and that seldom will anybody divert from this voting strategy.  All they care about are the numbers, and so they beat the drum to get as many people as they can to turn out, not because they are interested in truly representing those people in government, but because such only stands to increase their power.

As Christians, instead of voting simply R or D every year, or "voting for the lesser of two evils," and holding our noses as we vote, we need to vote for men and women that we are ultimately proud to have represent us in our government.  For we have a representative form of government.  Therefore, whoever you vote for should be somebody you are glad to have stand in your place in Congress or the White House, and to make a stand for things you ultimately value and want done on your behalf and in your name.

The candidate you vote for should largely do the things you would do, if you were there to do them.  You should take great pride in who you vote for, because you are putting them in office to represent you and your interests.

And if that means that come November you aren't proud to have Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump represent you as the President of the United States, then you should vote for neither candidate.  You would be better off not voting, voting for some third party candidate, or simply writing in your own name, than to vote for somebody who does not represent you.

But isn't such a "wasted vote?"  

Absolutely not!

The only truly "wasted vote" is the vote you make for somebody who doesn't represent you, no matter which party gets elected.  And simply voting for the "lesser of two evils" is the greatest of evil of all.  

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