Dear Christian Clerks: Please Issue Gay Marriage Licenses

Dear Christian Clerks:

As you are well aware, the Supreme Court has recently ruled that homosexuals have the constitutional right to get married in the United States.  Like you, I believe this is clearly contrary to the teachings of the Scriptures and of our faith on the nature of marriage, and that gay marriage is sin.

But in spite of such feelings, I want to encourage you to do something that seems almost contrary to what our actions should be.  I would appeal to you, as your fellow Christian and brother in Christ:

Please issue gay marriage licenses if and when a homosexual couple requests to get married.  Don't protest these proceedings under the flag of civil disobedience, taking a stand for religious liberty, or in the name of Jesus Christ.

Please, hear me out.

I believe you should issue same sex marriage licenses to whoever requests one, even though our faith is clearly against such behavior, and that you can do so in good conscience without having sinned against the Lord.  My reasoning behind this is pretty simple.

In issuing a marriage license to a gay couple, you are not personally endorsing their "marriage" anymore than you are personally endorsing the marriage of anybody else.  You are simply acting as a representative of the state, and issuing a certificate that simply gives the couple legal standing in this country as a married couple.  That legal standing is not the same as you personally endorsing their decision to get married.

Think about it for a second, do you know a straight couple in your life that are getting married, but have no business whatsoever getting married, because they simply are incompatible with one another?  Let's say your Christian daughter wanted to marry a devout Muslim.  Such a marriage arrangement is clearly contrary to the teachings of our faith, and would clearly be a sin according to the Scriptures.  Without a doubt, the marriage would be a complete disaster.

Yet if they came into your county clerk's office to request a marriage certificate, even though you are personally opposed to your Christian daughter wanting to get married to a devout Muslim, would you not issue them a marriage certificate just the same?  Or if for whatever reason you don't, should not the state issue them one just the same?

Remember, just because you oppose the marriage to begin with, even on sincerely held religious grounds, does not mean you should refuse to issue the couple a marriage certificate to begin with.  Your issuing them a marriage certificate is not the same as you giving them your personal blessing, or endorsing their decision to get married.  Such is simply you carrying out a function of our government, and acting as an agent of the state who recognizes the right of any couple to get married.  And even in that capacity, the government is not in anyway endorsing the wisdom of that couple getting married.  It's simply saying they have the right to do so, no matter how sinful or stupid such a decision might ultimately be.

I don't believe you would be sinning against the Lord in issuing a gay couple a marriage certificate.  I understand your reluctance.  But I would encourage you to do so in good faith and clear conscience before the Lord.

For further reflection, I would encourage you to consider the likes of Joseph and other great men of God we read about in the Bible, who served as government officials in nations that were steeped in great pagan and idolatrous practices.  They carried out duties on behalf of their idolatrous governments, yet maintained a pure faith before the Lord.  Consider their example, and apply it the best you can to your situation.

Many blessings,


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