Franklin Graham: What if Lightning doesn't strike Obama?

Dear Mr. Franklin Graham:

In a recent post on Facebook, I noticed you got pretty upset over the White House being lit up like a gay rainbow flag.  I feel you on that, as it kinda turned my stomach too.

Like you, I object to gay marriage on Biblical grounds.  I definitely don't see gay marriage as something I care to celebrate, and like you, it grieves me that our society has embraced this particular sin.  I'm especially grieved that the White House chose to celebrate this historical mile marker in the fashion that they did.

However, as concerned as I am about these things, I am even more concerned about the public "attitude" you are displaying over this matter.  I mean seriously, what do you hope to accomplish by making a rant about the need for president Obama to invest in lightning rods?

Who does such a comment appeal to?  What good can come from it?  And most importantly, who do you hope to reach with such a comment, and what do you hope to win them to?  Do you imagine somebody is saying "Gee... Franklin Graham is really making a compelling point... I never thought about this issue like that before?"

Such a comment as you made was totally irresponsible, and does nothing whatsoever to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the kingdom of God.

In Luke 9, we read a story about how the Samaritans wouldn't have anything to do with Jesus and the apostles' ministry.  The apostles, feeling a bit scorned over the entire issue, thought it might be wise to ask the Lord if it was ok if they called fire down from heaven in response to their rejection.  Jesus instantly rebuked the apostles, telling them that they were out of their mind and didn't know what Spirit they were of.  For Jesus said to them that the Son of Man did not come to destroy men, but to save them instead.  In other words Mr. Graham... we shouldn't expect any lightning bolts to hit the White House anytime soon.

Yeah, yeah, I know, I know... Sodom and Gomorrah.  Fire and brimstone.  The book of Revelation.  All that fun stuff.

Such things have had their time and place, and we will see them yet again.  They are Biblical.  But I can't help but prophetically intuit that such comments as you have recently made are a bit off.  And if I were a gambling man, I would confidently bet that president Obama will live out the rest of his days without being struck by lightning from heaven.

And if God doesn't in fact smite president Obama over all the evils our nation has embraced, what will you do?  Will you apologize for such comments?  Will you acknowledge on Facebook and elsewhere that you don't quite know the heart and mind of God as well as you thought?  And perhaps, just perhaps, you will see that God is a bit more merciful than you ever imagined?

After all, if God was able to put up with you in the days of your rebellion, don't you think He is also willing to practice a little kindness and mercy, and forbear the sins of  a blinded nation that doesn't quite know what it is doing.

Many blessings,


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